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For many years, I'm interested in history of porcelain products from factories belonging to the Schlegelmilch family located in two towns: in Suhl (Thuringia - Germany) and Tillowitz (kreis Falkenberg - now Tułowice near Opole - Poland). I'm looking for any information about the fate of the factories (in Suhl and Tillowitz) and their owners, links with the local communities and any other materials about that times. It can be issued today and in the past.
Thanks for your help and for your valuable information, dear enthusiasts of Prussia Tillowitz China, because you are creating this web-site www.porcelana tulowice.pl !!
If you have something about the factory in Suhl, or in Tillowitz and want to share, email me:

pasja tillowitz tulowice

Of course I offer the advice in identifying and assessing the authenticity of the porcelain products, as far as capabilities and expertise I have.
If you have a problem with the identification or placement at the time of your porcelain from Tillowitz or Suhl, email me:

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